Bracket 2014

Feel free to leave comments below regarding my projected bracket. My bracket and seeding is entirely a computer algorithm. The goal of this bracket is to match teams as closely as possible to their final placement on the Committee’s seed curve. Before I release my final bracket, I will try to take into account seeding conflicts where teams would be moved up or down a seed line.

* Record is against D-1 Teams Only

FINAL Bracket updated through 3/16/2014

1 Florida Orlando Memphis Anaheim San Diego Arizona 1
16 Texas Southern/Mount St. Mary’s Weber St. 16
8 George Washington Gonzaga 8
9 Pittsburgh Oklahoma St. 9
4 San Diego St. Spokane San Diego Michigan St. 4
13 Western Michigan Tulsa 13
5 Cincinnati VCU 5
12 North Dakota St. Tennessee/Florida St. 12
6 Oklahoma Orlando Raleigh Ohio St. 6
11 Nebraska/BYU Dayton 11
3 Louisville Duke 3
14 Louisiana-Lafayette Mercer 14
7 Baylor Raleigh Buffalo Kentucky 7
10 Providence Iowa 10
2 Virginia Villanova 2
15 American Milwaukee 15
1 Kansas St. Louis New York Indianapolis St. Louis Wichita St. 1
16 Coastal Carolina Cal Poly/Albany 16
8 St. Joseph’s Texas 8
9 Colorado Memphis 9
4 Syracuse San Antonio Spokane UCLA 4
13 Manhattan Delaware 13
5 New Mexico North Carolina 5
12 Harvard Stephen F. Austin 12
6 Saint Louis San Antonio Buffalo Connecticut 6
11 Arizona St. Xavier 11
3 Creighton Iowa St. 3
14 New Mexico St. NC Central 14
7 Oregon Milwaukee Milwaukee Massachusetts 7
10 Kansas St. Stanford 10
2 Michigan Wisconsin 2
15 Wofford Eastern Kentucky 15


  1. UMass is probably overseeded, but not by that much. They have a pretty good resume. Non-Conference RPI of 6, overall RPI of 13. 5 top 50 wins, and 10-3 against the Top 75. If the tournament started today, they would probably be a low 4, high 5.

    I know I am currently low on Virginia, and they’ll definitely move up with a win against Cuse. But should they really be above UNC? The Heels are 10-4 against the Top 75, while UVA is 7-5. Obviously UNC has 3 additional losses, but they definitely have the better wins. Cincinnati and UVA have similar resumes. UVA has probably played a little tougher schedule, but they do have an extra loss. Again, against the top 75, Cincinnati is 7-4. UVA is 7-5. We’ll see how much the ACC record boosts the Hoos, as their resume isn’t anything outstanding that would be worthy of a 2 seed right now.

    1. I think you put a bit too much stock into UVA’s out of conference play. That team did a complete and thorough 180 after the Tennessee blowout. I’ve never quite seen anything like it, but there’s no question that they have been playing at a different level for the last 2 months. The committee won’t completely throw away the out of conference, and that may keep them out of the top 1-2 seeds (if they win out), but they’ll absolutely weight the second half of the season more.

  2. Why is Texas an 8 seed? They finished tied with Iowa State (a 3 seed) for third in the toughest conference in the nation and well above Baylor (a 7 seed). Is it just because of the record in the last 10 games?

    1. Baylor and Texas are both very close. Baylor a little tougher schedule and they both have the quality wins. They may be a 7 but I really don’t expect higher. Only 7 road/neutral wins isn’t great compared to other similar teams.

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